Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid In Auto Accident Lawsuit

There are numerous Accident cases every year in Michigan, United States. Auto accident lawsuits are sometimes complicated and hard to settle; a small mistake can hurt your case and get you less compensation. Insurance adjusters and defense lawyers find ways to save claim and pay less to car accident victims. Insurance companies use defense playback Ds (Delay, Deny and Defend) to make the least possible compensation. Here are some mistakes to avoid that can hurt your auto accident lawsuit.

  1. Signing your claim on the bases of initial conditions

We understand how frustrating is to wait for your settlement, especially if you have expensive medical bills due to personal injuries. Sometimes Insurance companies release claims in very less time. In such cases it very important to know whether the claim is covering all your expenses including future needs. Therefore signing your Auto Accident claim on the basis of the initial stage may not offer you the future needs. However a choosing a Best Michigan Auto Accident Lawyer will help get the compensation covering all the expenses including future needs.

  1. Do not talk about your auto Accident case

Defense lawyers and insurance adjusters will try to contact you about asking the accident case. If an insurance adjusters want to talk with about accident case, then first talk to your auto accident attorney. Your attorney will guide about do and don’t statement. Don’t talk to at-fault drive and defense lawyers about your case, they will try to manipulate your statements and can hurt your case.

  1. Tell your doctor about your pre-existing medical conditions

During your personal injury treatment due to auto accident tell your doctor about your pre-existing medical conditions too. It doesn’t matter if they are related or not, this will help your doctor distinguish between your new and old injuries. Defense lawyers or party will try to find out your pre-medical injuries or lawsuit if you possess them. Insurance adjusters and defense lawyers will try to use them as a key to manipulate your personal injuries. So telling them in prior will help you get a fair compensation for your personal injury.

  1. Neglecting to take pictures of Injuries

Documents your injuries with pictures, as you know a picture is worth a thousand words. You can also take videos of your Injuries if possible otherwise ask anyone to take pictures or record a video whenever you get to see visible injuries. It will help make your case stronger because defense and claim adjustors will always try to minimize your Injuries. Proper Documentation will help you get a fair claim covering all your pains and sufferings due to personal injury.

  1. Poor Communication with your Auto Accident Attorney

The most common red flag in process of auto accident lawsuit is having a poor communication with your lawyer. There are numerous things that can wreak havoc on a car accident lawsuit, but do not have a proper communication with your lawyer is a potential pitfall. A good lawyer will always have a good face to face conversation with their clients rather than phone call conversation. Choose a Leading Michigan Auto Accident Attorney you can help you answer all your questions and queries and have proper communication on regular basis.