The Most Common Workplace Injuries – How To Make A Compensation Claim

Work injuries are not uncommon. It is important that you try and protect yourself as much as possible when you are at work. You should receive the right protective clothing and the right training, even if this is a manager showing you how to correctly lift heavy boxes whilst you are in an office.

What are the most common workplace injuries? And how can you start the process for making a claim?

Trips And Falls

Trips and falls might seem innocuous at first, but they can cause you to have to take a large amount of time off at work.

This could have been because there were trailing cables on the floor or there were boxes blocking your way. You might also fall from scaffolding if you have not been given the right equipment.

You should find personal injury solicitors in Yorkshire who are well versed in helping people who have suffered trips and falls whilst they are at work. They will help you to create a solid case that is going to give you the best possible chance of claiming some compensation.


You may be experiencing deafness if you work in a particularly loud environment. This is going to have a large impact on your life, so you will want to explore all of the legal possibilities. This can be the basis for a claim. You should search for a lawyer who has experience of people with their deafness claims.

Your case will be assessed by the lawyer before any contract is signed. They are then going to proceed with your case.

Loss Of A Digit

When you are working with machinery, there is always the risk that you could lose a digit. This is going to possibly curtail your ability to work. You should consider the possibility of trying to claim some money that you believe you are rightfully owed. The accident could have happened because you were not supplied with the right kind of protective clothing.


There are some industries where people will have been working around asbestos and lead-based paint in the past. These substances have been phased out, but the effects still remain. Some people may develop cancer as a result of being exposed to these substances, which can leave the way open for you to contact a lawyer and begin legal proceedings against the company that you were working for at the time of this exposure.

Article Overview

You may have suffered an illness or an injury as a result of the work that you have been doing. You have every right to seek legal action through a lawyer. There is no guarantee that compensation will be claimed, but the lawyer will exhaust every avenue to try and make this happen.

Many lawyers who are involved with these cases work on a no win no fee” basis that you do not need to pay the lawyer if your case happens to be unsuccessful for any reason at all.