Reliable services for your family law matter(s)

Are you searching for a reliable family law firm to handle sensitive family cases. Then Stange law firm is the right place to look. This firm deals with family related legal issues in an appropriate manner. They offer a lot of services associated with family law. Stange law firm comprises of experienced divorce attorneys to handle sensitive issues in an effective manner. Here the family related issues include divorce, guardianship, child custody, child support, adoption etc.

Divorce: if the couple decided to separate on mutual basis then there will be no issues to be resolved. It is enough to follow up the legal formalities. Suppose if any one opposes the divorce then the other has to legally prove the reason for the divorce. The divorce lawyers will handle this type of circumstance in a constructive manner. If the couple has a child then the issue extends to child custody. You can look to Stange Law Firm for a child custody attorney.

Based on the type of case you may face you can choose the experienced lawyers at Stange Law Firm to assist you. You can visit the main website to make sure you are hiring the correct family law firm. You will be able to get an idea about their services in an appropriate manner.


The attorneys associated with Stange Law Firm conduct seminars in order to bring awareness to the public regarding family law. Some of the seminars are taken place by well experienced professionals from Stange law firm.

Child custody

The child custody attorneys can help assist you with protecting the rights of you and your children. The attorneys listen to you about your case before tackling the matter at hand.

Organized website

Stange Law Firm has a very well structured website which displays informative content regarding their legal services. When you hire the firm, you will work with family law attorneys who will make your case a priority and keep you informed. When you become a client at Stange Law Firm, PC, you’ll receive access to Your Case Tracker- a confidential online space where we will post all the documents involved in your case.

Other services

Apart from family related cases the attorneys at Stange law firm also take up cases regarding property disputes, property divisions, military divorce, etc. Contact Stange Law Firm if you are going through and family law matter the attorneys are Here to Help You Rebuild Your Life.


The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.  Kirk Stange, 120 South Central Avenue, Suite 450, Clayton, Missouri 63105.