How Long Does it Take to Get a Pardon?

One of the most commonly asked queries regarding the Canadian Pardon (also known as a Record Suspension) by people that are interested in getting such a process completed, is just how much time will pass before they have their Pardon granted.

A number ofpeople seem to be under the impression that such an application merely involves the filling out of forms, which will result in getting processed and confirmed for a Pardon in a quick fashion.

You can expect to wait, on average, up to a year for such a process to be completed. Let us now look at some of the factors that go into this process.

  1. Each individual’s criminal record and its extent, as well as the amount of dispositions which they were charged for. A person with a voluminous criminal record, who happens to have attended a number of courthouses, could easily face their application process being considered due to the amount of court documentation needed with regards to the charges, as well as the amount of courts that would need such records for information purposes.
  2. The police detachments and courthouses timeframe. The police and courts will receive multiple requests every single day, and each police department and courthouse has its own relevant time frames dedicated towards the processing of such requests. There can be no solid control schemes over how such organisations operate. Obviously a person’s application timeframe can be widened by such proceedings, especially if the particular police department or courthouse has a steady backlog.
  3. The person themselves could be responsible for extending their own application’s procedure. You are responsible for filling out your application in a complete and correct manner, and no other person can do it for you. This involves processes such as providing the correct level of fingerprints, ensuring that the information that you provide is up to date, and that valid identification documents are provided.
  4. When everything has been successfully finalized, and the relevant requirements have been fulfilled, then such an application can then be submitted to the Parole Board of Canada for the next step, which is an independent review, followed by a conclusive decision. The Parole Board of Canada will obviously receive its own level of requests flow, and will have their own way for processing such generally staunch levels of paperwork and reviews.

Based on, one should keep in mind the fact that the missing of any of the nine attached legal steps, or the incorrect completion of such steps, as well as finishing them in the wrong order, can involve in the sharp delay of such an application, which will them have to be returned and reworked in the correct manner.

Remember that if the relevant authority that was reviewing your application decides that you committed far too many errors, and that your application is unintelligible, then you may have to start the entire process again. It is in your best interest to ensure that you fill out the Pardon application to the best of your ability.