Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer?

On the small and silver screen, being a lawyer looks easy and glamorous.  You argue passionately for a struggling single parent or a teen who has been egregious charged with murder. You hunt for evidence and witnesses and you track the clues to solve the mystery, etc, etc.

Well, real life is not quite so exciting, especially in the legal field.  As a matter of fact, much of what lawyers do, in real life, is research, study, and negotiate; and much of this is done outside of a court room.  Sure, once in a while a case might go to trial, but even then, that is only if the case is something that requires a jury to make a decision.


Anytime you are involved with a legal matter with relatively high stakes, that is when you should definitely consider hiring a lawyer.  It becomes even more imperative when your particular case deals with certain federal or municipal laws.  You see, what lawyers really do—in school and after passing the bar—is study the legal system and research past cases in their particular field. Their actual job is to take their specialized and very intricate knowledge of judicial system and apply it to real life in order to determine the best way to approach a potential criminal misgiving (whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant).


Since this could include so many different things, here is a list of more common reasons why someone might hire a lawyer:

  • to draft, analyze, and negotiate contracts
  • to negotiate debt forgiveness (credit cards, mortgages, bankruptcies, etc)
  • to negotiate traffic tickets, reduce penalties, etc
  • to settle neighborhood disputes (property lines, civil disobedience, property damage, animal control, child safety, domestic disputes)
  • to defend you in a criminal case (with serious repercussions including large fines and jail time that will negatively effect your employment options)
  • to analyze a business plan (particularly when there is some kind of partnership); discuss regulations, trademarking, copyrighting, etc
  • to address issues with traditional employment (vacation/sick pay, injury, labor laws)
  • personal income tax questions
  • personal injury cases
  • insurance laws
  • My lawyer real estate law
  • immigration law