A Couple of Good Reasons You Might Need a Lawyer

While you are not going to need a lawyer with every brush with the law, there are some times when having one in your hip pocket might just come in handy. We are not talking about speeding tickets here, it is rare that anyone would find a need to involve a lawyer in anything as petty as that. Even if you are going to small claims court, the likelihood of engaging a lawyer for this would probably not be worth the money you spend to have them involved.

However, there will be times when you are going to need the services of a good lawyer, one like the lawyer you will find at http://kenphillipslaw.com for instance, if you want to succeed. This would be when you know that you will need good legal advice to present your side of the story in a criminal case or to win your argument in something like a legal dispute. Here are some examples of why it would pay to hire someone who really knows the law, and can help you to not only deal with it but also win if you can.

The Cost of Not Knowing the Law

Unless you have actually had to “have your day in court” you do not know just how complicated the law can be. This is why in the end it may actually cost you more to not hire a lawyer and represent yourself in court then go with one. There is a good reason that many experienced lawyers will not take the chance of representing themselves if they find they are going to court for any reason. The emotional detachment of a good legal mind is one of the key factors for winning any legal case.

For anyone who does not have legal background, not hiring a lawyer can mean paying costs for delays while you put your facts together, missing out on important opportunities and finally possibly losing your case because you just don’t know all the ins and outs of the legal system. It just doesn’t pay in just about anything outside of minor brushes with the law like the ones named above to not have legal representation in court.

Documents and Evidence

These are two areas that lawyers are really familiar with but most of us haven’t a clue how to handle. When it comes to presenting evidence, a good lawyer knows what is worth bringing to court and what is important to supress. They can make or break a case.

Documentation is also very important in almost every court case, and yet even knowing what documents to bring, how to obtain them and how to present them can move a judge in one direction or another in many court cases. They will not have much patience with you if you stumble about with your documentation in court.

Finding Experts and Bargaining for a Plea

Do you know any detectives that can work to back up your case? Chances are any good lawyer, especially a criminal lawyer, will know at least one or two you can hire and bring in as an expert witness. The same goes for medical experts, and any other type of expert who routinely is asked to testify in court.

The other side of this is when your case is weak but you have some kind of bargaining chip, you might not know the best way to use it to strike a plea bargain with the court. Lawyers have plenty of experience with this, know exactly when to proceed with a plea bargain and who to approach and how.