5 Ways to Use a Court Reporter – Without Actual Court Reporting

You don’t have to have an upcoming trial to enjoy the benefits of a skilled court reporter. The core qualities of a court report – speed and accuracy – can help with any number of services for attorney and businesses of all sizes.

1. For a deposition. Actually, court reporters are more likely to be called to provide a transcript for a deposition than almost any other proceeding. In legal offices around the country, court reports provide the essential written record of the involved party’s testimony.

2. For closed-captioning. More and more, court reporters are being called upon to provide real-time closed captioning for the hearing impaired. These invaluable services help deaf individuals follow along with television programs, important meetings and other events.

3. For translation services. If a court report speaks multiple languages, their speed and accuracy makes them the perfect choice to provide language translation or interpreter services. When an individual is speaking another language – and the other party needs to follow along with every word in real time, the services of a court reporter are incredibly valuable.

4. For corporate gatherings. Annual shareholders meetings, corporate gatherings or corporate-wide status reports all benefit from an official written record. Court reporters can seamlessly provide these records, which can then be part of a corporate log or used to disseminate among investors.

5. To transcribe previously recorded materials. If a law firm or business has audio or video materials that they need transposed into the written word, a court reporter can handle the job quite nicely. They know the importance of total accuracy, and can do the job quickly to maintain a high level of cost-effectiveness.

How to Find a Good Court Reporter

In the past, when you found a good reporter, you held on to them for dear life! The position is always in great demand, and finding a professional that you felt comfortable working with was like finding a needle in a haystack. Now, online court reporting services have made the process much easier. Instead of relying on word-of-mouth or referrals, it is now possible to work with an agency that prescreens all their court reporters for:

– Speed
– Accuracy
– Professionalism
– Experience

With the click of a mouse it is now possible to hire these professionals and feel comfortable that you will receive a highly-trained court reporter in return.

How to Help Your Court Reporter Do Their Job More Effectively

There are several ways you can get more out of the court reporter you hire, including:

– Be prepared. Prepare a short brief regarding the project the court reporter will be working on. This will help them get a proper perspective on the work to be done – and will help increase their proficiency.
– Be aware of their time. Be considerate of the court reporters time. Try to predict how much time will be needed for the project and communicate that information to the reporter.
– Provide amenities. Feed your court reporters and meet their needs while in your care. This will allow them to stay content and work throughout the course of the day.